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Secrets the Sneaky Food Industry doesn't want you to know

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with severe allergies to dairy, soy, preservatives, MSG and artificial sweeteners. Decades of unknowingly ingesting chemicals resulted in years of inflammation, body ache, fatigue, skin issues, and migraines. Sadly, I believed I was making healthy choices by trusting our Food and Drug Administration and well-known health brands.

My aha moment…

I made a decision to research every ingredient listed on each item and stopped focusing on the beautiful packaging and marketing buzzwords. What I began to uncover made me so sick and angry. I finally realized just how deceptive and corrupt the food industry is. The FDA is supposed to be protecting us, yet it seems to be run by lobbyists and food corporations that seek profit over health. We are poisoning ourselves underneath the umbrella of “FDA approved” products and “health” branded names.

Don’t let them fool you…

When I made a commitment to stop consuming processed food, my food allergies and illnesses resolved. Your body wants to be healthy and it knows how to utilize the nutrition from whole foods.  Simple changes from my one-on-one customized programs create dramatic results with a seamless transition. We only have one body in this life. If we treat it right it treats us right. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired make the change.

Lies the food industry feeds us…

  • Food brands engage in “health washing” – a practice in which a product is labeled to appear more healthy than it really is in order to appeal to people who are concerned about health. Beware of labels like natural flavors, lite, low-fat, low calorie, fat-free and low sodium to name a few.

  • Our FDA allows over 1100 chemicals that have been abolished in other countries.

  • Chemicals are added to our foods that were intentionally designed to make us crave more of the product.

  • Many of these man-made industrialized solvents and additives cause inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative cancer.

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