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On July 10, 2000, after many years in and out of rehab, I finally had my moment of clarity. Bulimia and alcoholism were going to kill me. It has been 22 years of recovery and I could not be more grateful or more clear on my purpose in life.

God did not keep me alive all the times I wanted to die for me to just be silent about my struggles. I work with people who have tried every imaginable way to get healthy, lose weight and have more energy and vitality. It is through my own personal struggles and successes that make me relatable to my clients.

Years into my sobriety, while on a book tour, I began to suffer from migraines and debilitating bloating. I thought I was leading a healthy lifestyle, working out regularly and eating the right foods. Fortunately, I went to a doctor that was all about “ optimal wellness” and practiced a number of modalities, including functional medicine.

Treating the whole body is essential. While many doctors simply give you a prescription for your symptoms, a functional medicine doctor will dig deeper and inquire about your lifestyle. It was determined that I have severe food allergies to dairy, soy and preservatives to name a few.

This was the beginning of my journey to becoming The Clean Food Expert. What I discovered about the food industry and the diet industry infuriated me.

I have made it my mission to expose the truth about ingredients that are allowed in our foods.

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